What’s up bud! Welcome to my life ☺. I hope you enjoy it. Let me introduce myself. I’m Anna. I dwell in Maine and like the outdoors, photography, art, fun videos, local artists, local food, and well…just about anything you would expect a small town girl to be into. 

I am always on the web blogging about what I have been doing and where I have been. Keep an eye out for me and be sure to check back often to keep up with what I have been up to. 

I have viewed some wonderful artists residing in Maine with some unique concepts and ideas. For instance a pal of mine has introduced me to live streaming video as of late. He has a great vision for live streaming of Maine weddings online. 

I just love weddings. Families so happy and such wonderful local Maine wedding photographers and artists there. Awesome for the economy and breath-taking views on the Maine coast. I wonder if online wedding streaming will do the views of the Maine coast justice? In any case, I’m positive it would be super for people to invite all of their family and friends to such an event despite where they may be.

But I digress, thanks for stopping in and I hope to see you again sometime.

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